Friday, March 18, 2005

Author! Author [PubMed]

Here are some tips for searching authors in PubMed.

First, remember the author field follows this syntax:
glover jg (Last name, first initial second initial)

Using the query box, type in the author last name and first and middle initial:

glover jg

If you don't know the middle initial, simply type in the query box: last name first initial. PubMed will retrieve records with the last name, first initial, any middle initial, or no middle inital.

If you don't know any initials at all, then it's best to use the author field qualification tag to restrict the search to the author field only. Type in the query box:

glover [au]

Otherwise, if you typed glover in the query box without the author field qualification tag, PubMed would find Glover Hospital in the affiliation field.

Another way to do an author field qualification search is to use the 'Limits' tab. After typing the last name in the query box, click on the 'Limits' tab and then select 'Author' from the 'All Fields' drop down.


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