Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Saved Searches in PsycINFO

Ah, this one is not at all easy and convenient. To whet your appetite before I tell you how this works, here's a list of the saved searches that the experts at the American Psychological Association (creators of PsycINFO) provide:

Achievement Measures
APA Journals
Attitude Measures
Developing Nations
Intelligence Measures
Language Disorders
Learning Disorders
Mental Health Personnel
Neuropsychological Assessment
Nonprojective Personality Measures
Psychiatric Patients
Perceptual Measures
Projective Personality Measures
Racial/Ethnic Populations
Substance Abuse
"Talking" therapies
Tests, Measures, Scales

So, now I give you the bad news! PsycINFO provides these as text files and therefore each of them must be transcribed line-by-line into Ovid PsycINFO. Save this as a Permanent Saved Search. When you conduct a topical search and you want to apply a filter, click on the Run Saved Searches button. Select and run the appropriate saved search. Then, using AND, combine the result of your topical search with the final set number of the saved search.

PsycINFO Saved Searches


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