Monday, November 21, 2005

Scopus: Results Screen

In two previous posts, I've described what Scopus is and how to conduct a basic search. Now it's time to take a moment to appreciate the Scopus results screen.

I'll admit - when I first started using Scopus the results screen seemed incredibly busy but after just a few searches I realized that it is very easy to read. And because it's a familiar table format, it takes only a glance to find the bit of information that you are looking for.

Here's some interesting things to try out:
  • Click on the column header to resort the results (column headers are Date, Document (sort by relevance), Author, Source Title, Cited By)
  • Click on the Abstract + Refs link to look at the article abstract and the cited references. Notice that the cited references are all linked as well.
  • Click on the YaleLinks to link to the full-text.
  • Click on the Cited By number to look at the articles that have cited that particular article.
  • Notice that you can print, export, email and add to list.
Play around with the results screen - more about refining results later.


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