Monday, May 01, 2006

Database Highlight: African HealthLine

African HealthLine is a collection of bibliographic databases on African health issues. This unique collection of sources including many from Africa covers all aspects of African health issues. These are the 12 databases that comprise this collection:
  • African Index Medicus (AIM)
  • The database of HealthLink Worldwide
  • The Medicines Information Centre Reference Database of the University of Cape Town
  • Community Health Information Database (CHID)
  • AIDS Consortium Resource Centre Database
  • African Subset of "MEDLINE"
  • African Health subset of "WATERLIT"
  • African Health Subset of the "Index to South African Periodicals" (ISAP)
  • African Health Subset of the "South African Index to Theses and Dissertations"
  • The Bibliography of Filariasis
  • African Laboratory for Natural Products Database (ALNAP Database)
Just the Facts:
African HealthLine is published by NISC South Africa
Updated quarterly
Part of BiblioLine


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