Thursday, April 21, 2005

Database Highlight: GIDEON

GIDEON: The Global Infectious Disease and Epidemiology Network

GIDEON is a global infectious disease knowledge management tool and is made of four modules: Diagnosis, Epidemiology, Therapy and Microbiology. The database includes 337 disease, 224 countries, 1,147 microbial taxa and 306 antibacterial (-fungal, -parasitic, -viral) agents and vaccines.

The tool provides:
  • a reliable diagnosis or simulation of clinical problems based on patient presentation and epidemiology
  • a ranked differential diagnosis that considers: patient symptoms, travel and exposure history, incubation period, laboratory test results, immune status, bio-terrorism
  • simultaneous comparison of clinical and laboratory features for two or more diseases
  • an explanation of why a certain disease is not included in the differential diagnosis
  • up-to-date epidemiological information including agent, vector, vehicle, and resevoir

Check it out!

You can find this database under 'All Major Resources A-Z' from the Medical Library's home page.
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