Monday, April 11, 2005

Database Highlight: EMBASE

This comprehensive pharmacological and biomedical database is renowned for extensive indexing of drug information from over 3500 biomedical journals from 70 countries. EMBASE is one of the databases delivered to us on the Ovid platform and this version covers 1980 to the present, with approximately 350,000 records added annually. These records reflect all current developments in biomedical and drug-related fields. Because of this, it is critically important to search EMBASE, especially when you need to be comprehensive.


• Drug Research, Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Pharmacoeconomics, Pharmaceutics and Toxicology
• Human Medicine (Clinical and Experimental)
• Basic Biological Research
• Health Policy and Management
• Public, Occupational and Environmental Health
• Substance Dependence and Abuse
• Psychiatry
• Forensic Science
• Biomedical Engineering and Instrumentation

If you're having difficulty searching this database, try asking your friendly librarian. Chances are pretty good she can provide some in-depth help.

Just the Facts
Available from Ovid
Updated weekly
1980 to present
Indexing and abstracting service
Produced by Excerpta Medica, Elsevier
EMBASE (Ovid Field Guide)


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