Friday, April 01, 2005

Field qualification in Web of Science

Searching for information in specific fields in the Web of Science is best done by using the Advanced Search screen simply because the field tags are presented clearly in a table right there on the screen.

However, as you become more adept, you can enter the strings in the Topic query box on the General Search screen.

In the Web of Science the syntax is slightly different than both Ovid and PubMed. Here are some examples:

TS=medline AND AU=glover j* [TS is topic; AU is author]
SO=JAMA* AND AD=Yale [SO is source; AD is address]

So, to try this out make sure you click on the Advanced Search button located on the top button bar of the General Search screen. Check out the context specific HELP as well as the HELP Contents and HELP Index.

Extremely beneficial!


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