Friday, April 29, 2005

MeSH: Alphabetical List

The Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) are the basis of the MEDLINE database...and they are what allow the searcher to quickly gather a set of citations that are clearly about specific concepts in your research or clinical question.

MeSH is organized in two ways - alphabetically and hierarchically. This post examines the alphabetical list.

Even though most of us never see the printed alphabetical list because we use the electronic versions of MEDLINE (Ovid MEDLINE or PubMed), it's helpful to take a look at the printed list. All of sudden some of those choices you're faced with as you're searching make more sense. It's a building block...

Here's the entry for VIOLENCE:

In the Alphabetical List:
  • Descriptors (main headings): characterize the subject matter or content
  • Entry terms (see references): synonyms or closely related terms appearing that are cross-references to descriptors
  • See Related: indicate the presence of other descriptors related to the topic conceptually
  • See: indicate that information related to one term will be found under a different term.


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