Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Related Records: Web of Science

Try out the 'Related Records' feature from any of the Web of Science databases - Science Citation Index, Social Science Citation Index, and the Arts & Humanities Citation Index.

Once you click on the related records link for a particular article, the Summary page displays a list of articles whose cited reference lists include at least one of the sources cited by the original article (the original articles title always appears at the top of the page -- just to help keep you oriented). Articles that share the largest number of sources with the original article are listed first.

Related Records searching assumes that articles citing the same works have a subject relationship, regardless of whether their titles, abstracts, or keywords contain the same terms. The more cited references two articles share, the closer this subject relationship is.

You can use this feature to find "more like this" articles. For example:

1. After searching on the topic otitis media AND diagnosis, you find the article by K. Blomgren titled " Current challenges in diagnosis of acute otitis media".
2. Click on the Cited References to examine the article's cited reference list.
3. Most of the 49 cited references look relevant so you click on Find Related Records.
4. The Related Records - Summary page displays articles whose reference lists include at least on of the articles cited by the Blomgren article.

    The articles that share the greatest number of references with the original article appear at the top of the list.

    You can also click on the related records link for any individual article as well.

    To view the references shared by the two Related Records, click the link in the Shared Refs column. The number in this column is the number of references shared by the two Related Records. The number in the Cited Refs column is the total number of references in the record's cited reference list.

    Give it a try!


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