Thursday, August 25, 2005

Database Highlight: IDDB

Investigational Drugs Database (IDDB) provides validated, integrated and evaluated information about the R&D portfolios of more than 17,000 companies and institutes involved in drug development including:

    • Information about more than 92,000 therapeutic patents, with optional links to the full text of the original patent.
    • Pipeline status of more than 21,000 investigational drugs, with comprehensive drug reports, development histories, bibliographies and expert commentary on the most promising candidates.
    • Over 68,000 chemical structures, fully substructure searchable for easy identification.
    • Approximately 400 meeting reports a year, from about 300 selected scientific conferences, with extensive first-time disclosure of investigational drugs.
    • A growing bibliography of more than 492,000 references, gathered from a diverse range of scientific and commercial publications, with links to abstracts of full text where available

IDDB is available from a single workstation in the Medical Library. Contact Judy Spak or Daniel Dollar to arrange a time for using this resource in the library.

Only those affiliated with Yale University and the Yale-New Haven Medical Center have access to this unique database.


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Use Pharmaprojects, it's better.


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