Thursday, December 01, 2005

Personalizing Scopus

Here are some reasons to personalize Scopus:

Saved searches: this feature allows you to save whatever search you're working on - very helpful when you don't want to lose what you've already done or you have created a base search on your topic that you know you'll be adding to. This saves you from having to type the keywords in over and over.

Alerts: you can turn a saved search into an alert - determine how frequently you want Scopus to run the search and notify you via email of new articles on your topic. Choose 'Alert Me' from an individual article and Scopus will notify you when that article has been cited by someone else.

Lists: My List allows you to choose and create a collection of documents from any results page. This can be used to export or print all at once, instead of having to print multiple times from several results pages. You can also save a collection of documents for processing at a later date.

Personalizing Scopus is very simple. Create your personal profile by clicking on the 'register' link in the upper right corner of any page in Scopus. Choose a username and password (Note: your ScienceDirect username and password will also work on Scopus and vice versa)

Now, when you are logged in to Scopus, you can click on the 'My Profile' link to access or modify your saved searches, alerts and lists.


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