Friday, February 17, 2006

Citation Tracker from Scopus

At the end of January, Scopus added a new feature that is just...well, just plain cool!

They're calling it 'Citation Tracker'.

Citation Tracker lets you look at citation counts for a particular author's works and presents a Citation Overview table by article title and year. Check it out!

Here's a few tips, though. And I do this so you won't do what I did, which is spend 10 minutes looking for the 'Citation Tracker' tab.
  • Start off at the main page for Scopus.
  • Click on author search (it's the last tab, after Basic Search and Advanced Search).
  • Put in an author's name (follow the instructions for the appropriate syntax).
  • Click on Search.
  • Check the appropriate box for your author and then click 'Citation Overview'.
Here's a picture of what the citation overview table looks like.


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