Wednesday, May 17, 2006

TRIP Database - new at CWML!

TRIP (Turning Research into Practice) Database is a new acquisition at the Medical Library.

TRIP is "the Internet's leading resource for Evidence-Based Medicine - allowing users to easily and rapidly identify the highest quality evidence from a wide range of sources."

Jon Brassey and Dr. Chris Price, founders of this database, realized as they were attempting to answer clinical questions in a clinically relevant time frame, that having to consult multiple resources and multiple web pages to find the 'best evidence' was counterproductive. They decided that if all the content were searchable at one website it would significantly improve the search time. Thus, TRIP was born.

Since then it has grown significantly in terms of ease of use, coverage and popularity. The aims of the TRIP Database have remained the same since 1997 - allow health professionals to easily find the highest-quality material available on the web. The TRIP Database is produced by TRIP Database Ltd.

Just the Facts:
You can find TRIP Database alphabetically under the 'All Resources A-Z' link (hint: click on the Major Resources link in the left-hand scan column of the Library's home page)


At 1:49 PM, Blogger Marcia said...

How much is the subscription to TRIP?


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