Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Explode and Focus in Ovid MEDLINE and CINAHL

It is possible to both Explode and Focus a MeSH descriptor. And here's what you do:

1. In the query box, type: multiple sclerosis
2. Here's what you see on the Mapping Display screen:

3. The subject heading and Auto Explode are automatically selected. If you want to focus the subject heading, then click in the Focus check box. If you are interested in all subheadings then click in the Include All Subheadings check box.

Making these selections from the Mapping Display screen is very handy, especially when you know already that you want to explode and focus. If you decide not to check the Include All Subheadings box, then the next screen will be the Subheadings Display screen. At this point you can select specific subheadings for your search.

If you have clicked on a subject heading because you want to see if there are more specific subject headings in the tree structure, then you'll need to check the Explode box. As soon as you are in the Tree Structure Display screen, Auto Explode is turned off.


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