Monday, May 02, 2005

New in PubMed: Special Queries

A new link called Special Queries has been added to PubMed's blue side bar. Like the Clinical Queries link that takes you to a page providing specialized PubMed searches for clinicians, the Special Queries link provides access to a directory of topic-specific PubMed queries. The directory includes links to:

  • Queries targeted to Clinicians and Health Services Researchers, including a listing for the standard Clinical Queries, Health Services Research (HSR) queries, and the Cancer Topic Searches (offered by the National Cancer Institute).
  • Subject queries, such as AIDS, Bioethics, Systematic Reviews
  • Special Search Queries or interfaces for complementary medicine, History of Medicine, and MedlinePlus health topics.
  • Journal Collection Queries

The Special Quereis directory provides links to either special search interfaces, or pre-sets the Limit function of the standard PubMed interface to the selected subject or journal subset.


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