Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Full author name searching enhanced: PubMed

You can now search full author names in PubMed!

The National Library of Medicine has included full author names in MEDLINE records since 2002 - except until now the full author field has only been a display field - you could never search the field.

Just type the full author name on the query line: julia s wong

Some tips:
  • You can use the Single Citation Matcher but not the new first author name search feature.
  • Searching by full author name limits to citations to articles published from 2002 forward, and to journals that publish using the full names of authors.
  • You can type the name in natural (julia s wong) or inverted order (wong julia s).
  • You can browse full author names in the Full Author Name index available on the Preview/Index screen. Select Full Author Name on the fields pull-down menu, enter a last name in the box, and click on Index.

Give it a try!

For more details, see the NLM Technical Bulletin


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